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Personal Loans for Good and Bad Credit – Personal Loans Online | Bad Credit & Installment Loans – How to Apply

Maybe you have made bad financial choices. As a result of those choices, the three major credit bureaus have given you a bad credit score. You might try to get a loan for a car or a house and be denied. You might be asking, “How do I get a personal loan with bad credit?”. In this article, we will discuss multiple strategies to get you have to get those loans that you covet.

You have the option of an online loans center. Discover has loans that go up to $35,000. With that, you will get 36-48 months to pay it off. When you are paying off the loan, you will receive a lower interest than what you would usually get. Quicken Loans also has a lower interest than other lending services. They claim to be America’s #1 loaner and only offer online loans on Home Refinance and Home purchase. Quicken Loans has received praise from Fortune 100’s “Best Companies to work for in 2017”, Equal Housing Opportunity Lender, an A+ rating with Better Business Bureau, and praise from Forbes.

Lending Tree

Lending Tree is another great online option for loans. The website will allow taking a loan of 1k-35k dollars. This leaves the customer with no collateral so they won’t have to worry about unnecessary penalty fees. It also comes very fast. You can get quotes in minutes and receive your loan within 24 hours. One to five-year terms are available.A lower loan will give you much lower interest than what you might a imagine. Some of the interest might be $30 extra in good loans. Creditloancompare.com is another trusted loaning source. Though the loans are smaller, they are still forgiving. You can receive loans up to $5,000. You can receive quotes in 2 minutes with bad credit and no references.


LoanSolo might be the most streamlined and loaning option that appeals to the most people. The service allows consumers to take a $100-$1000 loan to make sure almost everyone can get a small personal loan. The service is fast and easy, it is secured and safe, most of the credit cards are welcomed and you can submit an application online. It is an online process that will allow you to go paperless, get fast-lender approval and get the loan the next business day. There are some rules on max loans depending on your state so check their website to see what you qualify for.

Alternate Options for Lending

If you don’t like those websites, there are also a few more. GuideToLending can also give a super high loan up to $40,000. 5kLOANS allows you to receive up to $35,000. You also receive the most amount of time to pay it off, up to 72 months. OneMain allows their users to have up to a $25,000 loan. You can be given up to 60 months to pay it off and may receive up to 35.99% apr. MoneVo also gives you a high loan amount. You are given 72 months to pay it off with 35.99% apr. To recap, you can get a lot of loans with a sub par credit score. Quicken Loans has been given awards for having low-interest options to give people more of a chance to pay it off.Lending Tree is a great option for an online loan center. You can take a loan up to $1K-$35K. Their high time to pay off loans is 180 months. CreditLoancompare.com offers decent loans with bad credit and no references. You can get a loan for $1k-$5k and have a long time to pay it off. LoanSolo offers more a Personal loan experience for $100-$1000. The next time you ask, “How do I get a personal loan with bad credit?” just know you have multiple options over what you initially expected.